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Michael Von Irvin, The Star Maker, has achieved the honor of speaking around the world in both Spanish and English, making him one of the top professional speakers worldwide. He has been a professional business speaker for the past 20 years and has presented before thousands of people in 28 countries around the world.

Michael Von Irvin is an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of thirty five books including his newest book The Seven Keys To Launching And Building A Business. His expertise has been featured in dozens of publications including WSJ, NYT, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, Entrepreneur Magazine, Personal Branding, Sales & Marketing Excellence, Forbes, Washington Post and USA Today. Michael Von Irvin MBA, BSN, RN, The Star Maker, started out as a Registered Nurse, and went on to get his MBA. However, he got his real education by starting and selling businesses, consulting, reading literally thousands of great books on marketing, business, and other diverse subjects, and in the school of hard knocks. Michael Von Irvin, The Star Maker, knows what it is like to start a business from scratch and sell it for millions of dollars. One of his latest projects sold for $25.5 million after two years. Michael Von Irvin, the Star Maker was responsible for Marketing and Clinical Startup of this business. As a serial entrepreneur himself, he has built and sold 11 million-dollar companies in diverse industries and has been an entrepreneur since the young age of 19. Today, he is known as The Expert of Experts by supporting his clients in developing brand domination around their expertise. Michael Von Irvin, The Star Maker, works with small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and experts in many different niche markets. Michael Von Irvin, The Star Maker has a proven record of helping individuals, companies, and businesses, start and grow their organizations rapidly. He can be contacted at michael@michaelvonirvin.com Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.


Michael has a vast knowledge across the business, marketing and sales spectrum, having worked with some of the world’s largest companies. Read More>>


Michael is the bestselling author of such motivational and marketing books "The 7 Keys to Success", "The Little Guys Way To Riches". Read More>>


Michael specialize in helping creative Professionals, Startups and Entrepreneurs who are serious about taking it to the next level. Read More>>




The best marketing tip you will ever learn.

Years ago, my brother and I were looking for a location to open an automotive and brake repair franchise.

We talked to a gazillion realtors. We searched through traffic flow counts down at city hall. We spoke with the
mayor's office. We did everything we could do to try to get the perfect, but affordable location for our business.

Then we asked an Israeli friend who was an ex-Mossad intelligence agent what he thought about how to find the
best location. What he told us was genius and changed my marketing life forever.

The great thing is, you don't have to be an ex-CIA, Special Ops, or ex-Mossad agent to come up with clever ideas like our friend did.

The solution was simple, "Find out where Walmart, K-Mart, Sears, JC Penny's and other top brands are located and get as close to
them as you possibly can. Of course, start with Walmart and work your way down."

Bam! That was the solution that we were searching for. Why spend thousands of dollars on market research when others with
much deeper pockets have already done the work for you?

Okay, before you say, "But I'm an online marketer, how does that help me?" or "This won't work for my business." Let me answer.

This morning, a friend of mine asked if it was better to use landing pages on your own website or to use Click Funnel.
(no this is not an ad for Click Funnel)

So, I did about 3 minutes of research. Actually less than 3 minutes. I clicked on Frank Kern's email link that he sent me this morning.

Bam, again!

There it was. Frank Kern uses Click Funnel.

Question answered quickly, painlessly and without even having to use up too many brain cells or spend a dollar.

(no, this is not an ad for Frank Kern either) This is just good ole friendly marketing and business building, brand building

Now with that said, I also have an easy solution for finding out who your target audience is without having to waste a ton
of money experimenting with Facebook ads. Want to know what it is? I thought you did. I'll tell you later.

For now, take care.

Michael Von Irvin

All The Best,

Michael Von Irvin MBA, BSN, RN
New York City, New York

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Small steps make a big difference.

In 1993, I started a small restaurant hood and duct cleaning business. I was a nurse manager, and everybody called me crazy for doing work where I had to really get my hands dirty and work like a dog.

By 2010, My brother and I had a large multi-million dollar fire protection company. We had several crews doing the hands on work. And hood cleaning only made up about 5% of our revenue by then. We worked and traveled all over the world.

We also owned a franchise in Utah.

We sold it and retired for about 3 months. Retiring in your early 40's is boring at best. So, I started business and marketing consulting and coaching.

Over the years I learned marketing, branding, advertising, management, and copywriting from some of the very best in the world. I also wrote and sent out countless direct Mail campaigns and email ads.

I have written tons of books (warning , some are better than others). I got better with time.

One of the startups that I was paid to do in NY, sold for $25.5 million in less than 2 years.

As I said, small steps make a big difference.

Michael Von Irvin

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Michael Von Irvin shared The Little Guys Way To Riches's video. ...

Watch my short video on creating a client avitar for marketing. Michael Von Irvin

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The Keywords of Modern Online Business Models are;
Branding, Copywriting, Culture, Customer Experience, Entrepreneurship, List Building, Keywords, Product Launch, Traffic, and Funnels. Did I miss any?
Michael Von Irvin

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A Magic Pill

This is my definition of what I call a magic pill.

Any technique, secret, tool, method, or shortcut that if you knew it, it would allow you to move ahead rapidly, is a magic pill to you.

This why you need real mentors, coaches, trainers, and consultants.

In your ads don't be afraid to say that you have a secret...if it is not widely known or if it's just how you do a certain thing.

Example, "My Secret Technique For Getting Recognized As An Expert In Your Niche Will Work Regardless Of Your Age, Gender, Or Current Income."
Michael Von Irvin

"What Joe doesn't know is a secret to Joe."
Dan Kennedy

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Always give endorsements generously when they are true. This endorsement that I did for Dan Kennedy, years ago on LinkedIn, brought me tons of business. Dan is a great guy and one of the best. So, if it is true say it. Obviously, when people look at Dan's profile, they also see my endorsement of him. It's a win-win situation since I have thousands of top level connections. Hundreds of them have done business with me or are close friends of mine. ...

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Marketing is like a three legged stool. If any one of these legs is weak or not sufficiently situated then the marketing fails.

There are three M's - Market, Message, Media

1. Market - who are you marketing to? Warning - make sure you are selling a product or service that the market wants. Don't try to force them to buy something they don't desire.

Message- tailor your sales ad copy to the audience (market) you are selling your product to.

Media - where you place the ad. Facebook, Twitter, Google ads, etc.

If an ad campaign fails, how badly it fails will depend on how much money you have invested. Almost all other factors can be corrected. Lost money is lost money. That's why it is important to test your marketing on a small scale before going really big and investing too much money.

I have extended this to 7 M's for more detail in my free Ebook.

Best of luck and I wish you tons of prosperity.

Michael Von Irvin

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My dad was a preacher and a carpenter. He went to places where there wasn't a church, bought the land, cut down the weeds, and built churches from the ground up.

He spent more time and money on the foundation than the rest of the building.

One day, I asked him why he took such pains to get the foundation perfect. He told me that I was confused. He said that no foundation is perfect.

He said no matter what we do we can't prevent somethings like floods of rain, trees falling, tree roots growing, and all sorts of other potential disasters.

He said, the best we can do is try to make the foundation as strong, solid, level, and straight as possible.

Even though this doesn't guarantee 100% success, it helps us to prevent disasters and it makes it easier for us to correct problems as they come along.

Even though my pastor, carpenter, and friend left me many years ago, his wise words make up a big part of my foundation still today.

Michael Von Irvin

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