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Mike Von  Irvin MBA BSN RN
The StarMaker
Author • America’s Highest Paid Business, Health & Life Strategist & Consultant • Creator of Neuro-Linguistic Attraction • INFLUENCER • Put your marketing & life “on steroids.”To work with Mike contact clarity.fm/michaelvonirvin
New York, New York, Los Angeles, & Dubai (Consulting worldwide)
Mike Von Irvin, The Star Maker, has achieved the honor of speaking and helping clients around the world, in both Spanish and English, making him one of the top serial entrepreneurs worldwide. He has been a professional business leader and speaker for the past 20 years and has consulted for thousands of people and companies in around the world.

"My pleasure to add a distinguished professional, such as yourself, to my circle of friends. All the best to you and your loved ones."​ 
Father of Steve Job's Founder Of Apple Computers
John Jandali

Author • “America’s #1 Marketing Wizard” • 
• ”The Deal Maker” • “Master Negotiator”

A lot of people are saying great things about Mike Von Irvin.

Former New York City Healthcare executive. Former VP of AlphaCare and Director of Marketing for MLTC Consułting. Serial Entrepreneur.

Past appearances with Geraldo Rivera, Thomas Mesereau (Michael Jackson’s Attorney), Tracy Morgan, Prince Royce, Rafael Furcal and many other celebrities, politicians, and sports stars.

BRANDING–My friend marketing whiz Michael Von Irvin says branding is pointless without good Copywriting to back it up. I think he's right. 
—David Garfinkel (copywriting legend)

John Fleck
Wanted to give a shout out to Michael Von Irvin. In one day his coaching and guidance has made a huge difference in the direction of my business.

—Brad Szollose with Michael Von Irvin.
My second business meeting in the city was with businessman, speaker and trainer Michael Von Irvin and his wife Bella. 

Some of our clients have included large healthcare plans such as AlphaCare NY - now Magellan Health. Fitango - innovative patient engagement solutions help to reduce costly readmissions and improve outcomes - NY, Special Touch Homecare LHCSA NY, Lombardi - NJ, Worker's Comp., ASDC, MD's, Nurse Practitioner Groups, FESCO Fire Equipment Company Birmingham/Atlanta/International, Irvin Brother's World Imports, IFPA - International Fire Protection Academy, Hood Master, Southern Fire Solutions, NAFFCO - Dubai, Exit Logic, Jessup Mfg - Chicago, MeridianRx (PBM) - Detroit, and other Healthcare Plans, Providers, Clarity, Tyco, SimplexGrinnell, FireMaster, Clinical, IT, Businesses, Marketing Related Companies, US Military Iraq.

Contact michaelirvinusa@gmail.com

Michael Von Irvin is an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of 11 books including his newest book The Seven Keys To Launching And Building A Business. His expertise has been featured in dozens of publications including WSJ, NYT, ABC, LinkedIn, and other publications.
Michael Von Irvin MBA, BSN, RN, The Star Maker, started out as a Registered Nurse, and went on to get his MBA. However, he got his real education by starting and selling businesses, consulting, reading literally thousands of great books on marketing, business, and other diverse subjects, and in the school of hard knocks. Michael Von Irvin, The Star Maker, knows what it is like to start a business from scratch and sell it for millions of dollars. One of his latest projects, a healthcare startup which he did the marketing for) sold for $25.5 million after two years another startup sold for over $400M. Michael Von Irvin, the Star Maker was responsible for Marketing and Clinical Startup of this business. As a serial entrepreneur himself, he has built and sold 2 of his own multi-million dollar companies in diverse industries and has been an entrepreneur since the young age of 19. Today, he is known as The Expert of Experts by supporting his clients in developing brand domination around their expertise. Michael Von Irvin, The Star Maker, works with small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and experts in many different niche markets. Michael Von Irvin, The Star Maker has a proven record of helping individuals, companies, and businesses, start and grow their organizations rapidly. He can be contacted at help@writersprofitguide.com Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.


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