Have The LinkedIn Police Gone Too Far This Time?

Linkedin Police 2

People are arguing on LinkedIn. Everyday I see it. People say…”This is not FaceBook,” “Inappropriate for LinkedIn,” etc.

Bull. They are arguing about what somebody else posted. They are arguing because people post their political opinions. They are arguing about people posting about sports. About people posting about family, posting about a loved one in an accident or in the hospital, even losing a loved one.

Get over it. The beauty of LinkedIn is you don’t have to read whatever you don’t want to read. You don’t have to connect with people you don’t want to connect with.

Mainly, there are people who have different interests and want to speak about different topics. If that offends your sensitive mind then you are probably living in a bubble anyway.

Move to North Korea if it offends you so badly. There are places for people who want to control the speech of others. Maybe you could move there.

Some people like politics. I personally find it boring, but I listen to the opinion of others. I like to think others tolerate my opinions as well.

The Ultimate Narcissist is the person who believes that people are only interested in what he or she is interested in.

Over 5 Million People are into politics or have politics on their resume on LinkedIn. That is a lot of people.

Don’t Be The LinkedIn Hall Monitor or LinkedIn Police. If you are one of those people who wants to control the speech, posts, likes, dislikes, and concerns of others then Maybe LinkedIn Is Not The Place For You.

But We Only Want To Read About Business. Then visit Forbes online or subscribe to the Wall Street Journal (I’ve subscribed for years). Read Crain’s New York. Or get a life. We all love business, but there is more to life than what you 0r I like.

Learn To Be Tolerate. Simply put, different people like different things. We all have to be more tolerate and respectful of our fellow man and woman. And if you are one of my 10,000+ connections and you don’t agree, feel free to un-connect or un-follow me.

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