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How To Attract Riches

How To Attract Riches

How To Attract Riches
By: Michael Von Irvin MBA

If you are going to make a real change for the better, it will not be easy at first. And know this…..there are a lot of haters in this world. There are also people who just are looking out for your best interest. I had to break free of these people and live life to the fullest my way.
– Lucky Powers

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How To
Determine Your
Target Market

Leverage The
Powers of Your Mind
To Make More Money

By: Michael Von Irvin MBA
Lucky Powers
Powers Direct Inc.

Right Now The Race Is On. It seems like everybody in the world wants to make money online. The internet gives us so many advantages that we couldn’t do before. This is especially true when it comes to marketing.
The core of this book is going to be really short, but I can tell you that the answer that I will give you to finding your target market for Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Direct Marketing is so simple, but so hard.
It is simple because once I tell you how you will say to yourself, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that before. But because the answer is so short yet so valuable, I am going to include some of the excerpts from my book “How To Attract Riches” just as a bonus.
Everybody is doing it all wrong. Everybody is spending endless money experimenting trying to find their target market.

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You may know that in order to find your target audience you have to think in terms of the one type of man and/or woman you want to target.
Is your target audience an “Al Bundy” type? A “Donald Trump” type? A “teenage girl who enjoys collecting butterflies?”

There are countless questions you can ask yourself about your target audience. This is the person you are going to be marketing to make the sell, influence, get to sign up for your newsletter, and the list goes on. You know your reason, but you are probably wasting too much money.


Most people get so discouraged that they cannot find their target audience that they give up. Even worse, they give up then start again and again and again. They are hoping that marketing will get easier without really knowing why they are not selling anything.

Even if they try lead generation this is usually a failure because nobody take the bait.

It could be that your ad copy is all wrong. I discuss that in my other books. You obviously have to have the right message, a great headline and etc. or nobody will click on your ads.

In the past, I might have said that the medium may be all wrong. For example, radio may work better than TV ads and vice versa. But here we are all using the same medium. We are all using Social Media.

And Social Media advertising can be really expensive if you don’t do it right.

So…If it is not the Message and it is not the Media (place where you are advertising), what is the problem?

Really the only major factor left is the Market (target audience) or who you are advertising to.

You see I like Oreo Cookies, but I don’t fish with Oreos. I fish with worms because fish like worms.

So if you don’t deliver the right message to the right audience or the right customer you will not sell much of anything. It is almost impossible to sell anything using the hit and miss technique.

And as I said social media marketing is expensive and besides why would any reasonable business person want to waste money trying to get a customer?

Okay, I am going to give you the answer…Go To The Very End of This Book and The Answer Is Revealed.
And If You Want To Read An Excerpt From My Book
“How To Attract Riches” Here It Is. Enjoy

I literally died in more than one way. I have lost more jobs than I dare to count. I have been divorced. I have lost businesses. I have lost almost everything, but I figured out how to attract the real riches that I want in my life. Not just money, even though I also attract plenty of money. But I attract plenty of other riches as well. I attract all the really important things including money.
First, I was in a major accident and literally died and “came back to life. “ It was a horrific experience, but I made it. Since then, I have been reborn more than once. I had no choice, the direction my life was taking just wasn’t right for me. This rebirth process is something, that for me is more psychological now than physical, but I am still in touch with what it feels like to be without hope, to have nothing to live for, and to hang on by faith.
If you are wondering, this is not meant to be a religious book. This introduction is meant to let you know that no matter who you are, what your situation is, no matter how dire or how bad things are for you now, I HAVE BEEN THERE.
My first brush with hopelessness was when I was born into a poor family of 11 kids. Well there were 16 of us really, counting the first five my father had before he became a traveling evangelist preaching the gospel…well his version of it. No I didn’t grow up during the depression years. So, I couldn’t just say, “oh well, everybody had it hard.” The reality is everybody around us didn’t have it hard. We had it hard because we were competing against 11 brothers and sisters for food, clothes, and attention.
Enough of that for now. I had good parents. My mom worked like a dog, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of us kids. Luckily, for the most part we were good kids. Suffice to say, I know what it feels like to dread school recess because you can’t afford chips and a coke. But in the end this like so many other things works out for the better. We didn’t need to eat junk food anyway.
My Death. Jump ahead until I was 13 years old. I was at baseball practice. I was hitting almost every pitch that was thrown anywhere near home plate. Lifting the homemade weights the whole year before had really increased my batting power. And my timing was perfect. If a ball came too far inside, I just let it hit me on my left leg or hip. I just wanted to hit the baseball as far as I could hit it.
After practice, my coach gave me and my little brother a ride home. He had a new, huge, baby blue, two tone, Malibu…the type with the cloth covering the hard top. It was huge. I was about to find out how huge and how heavy that baby really was.
On the way home, we turned into the dirt road where I lived. The road consisted of hard, bright orange, Alabama clay. It was lined with houses from what then were called, “the projects.” There were some neighbors playing basketball on a dirt basketball court which had little patches of grass growing up here and there. The homemade backboard consisted of a piece of square plywood nailed to a post.
We played basketball for a while and then we decided it was getting dark and we needed to leave. My brother and I jumped on the hood of the car. We had no idea what was about to happen. Who could have imagined that my baseball coach would spin out and try to sling us off the car. As I think back now, I guess he was just playing around.
Playing or not, this would be my first brush with death. I sat on the very front of the hood of the car. As the car accelerated and jerked about, I couldn’t hang on. I fell in front of the car and managed to run 3 steps before I was crushed by the front tire of the raging, blue beast. Luckily, my head was not crushed. My body rolled over. Now I was facing the ground and the back tire of the car stopped on my back.
My brother started beating on the car and screaming for this guy to get the car off of me. My coach got out of the car took one look at me and spent off. I didn’t see him again for many years. He left me there to die.

This is how I originally told this story when I was interviewed years later.
My Story: Who am I and Why do I write? I write because I have a voice. Because I care and because I know that I can help others. I once lost my voice and I was blind, literally. Now I can speak several languages and see much clearer.
My Near Death Experience – I almost died. When I was 13 years old, I was literally crushed by a 1976 Chevy Monte Carlo. I was in the hospital for more than a month, in ICU, with tubes coming out of every area of my body. I was on a ventilator. I had a broken back, 5 broken ribs, a broken hip, several hours of surgery to stop the my internal bleeding and patch me up to literally die later, a broken collar bone, a tracheotomy, a chest tube, nasal gastric suction coming out of my nose, I was blind and much more. I made it and I vowed to help others make it. I worked for 8 year in ICU, several years more in the ER. I accomplished my goal of helping others years ago. I still want to help others…now I also help others achieve their business, sales, and marketing goals.

I hope you enjoy this book and it benefits you along your journey.

Michael Von Irvin

2015 by Lucky Powers
Powers Direct, Inc.
New York, NY 10111
Printed in the United States of America
First Printing December 2011
Bonus – Excerpts from “The Little Guys Way To Riches”
* In most cases below you can substitute the word money for any other riches that you desire including muscle.

A Word From The Author
The Real Meaning of Riches
Your Mind, Not Your Body Is the Real Way To Riches
Breaking Free Of The Constraints That Are Blocking Your Path To Riches and Success
How to Attract Riches Through The Use of Neuro Linguistic Attraction
A Brief Description of NLA
The Reprogramming of your Mind for Riches
Self-Talk Language Barriers
Visualizing Your Future of Success and Riches
How To Attract Riches Through Action
How Many of These Common Mental Pitfalls Have You Fallen Into Accepted?
Your Mind Can Be Your Biggest Ally or Biggest Foe To Real Riches
How To Make Yourself Into A Perpetual Success Generator
How To Separate Yourself From The Herd
How To Create a Your Personal Successful U.S.P.
How To Use What You Already Know To Achieve Multi-Million Dollar Success
How to Generate Ideas That Lead To Riches
Your Motivation is More Important Than Your How.
The Secret To Creating Self-Empowering Motivation
How To Choose A Money Making Idea
How To Prepare Your Mind To Make Money
Secrets of a Using Your Passion To Make Money
Secrets for Perpetual Success
Secrets of Using Kaizen Which Can Double Success
Ways to Start a Business Practically for FREE
How To Launch a Your New Product Or Idea
Understanding How Two-Step Marketing to Greatly Increase Your Odds of Success
How To Use The Power Of Back-End Sales That Can More Than Double Your Sales
How To Profit From What Others Are Selling
Secrets of Becoming An Expert At Anything
So You Want To Be A Consultant and/or Coach
Secrets of Selling Your Services
How to Increase Your Wealth By Working With Partners
Making The Most Out Everything
Is Self-Worth More Important Than Money or Not?
How Lucky Powers Can Help You Further
Send Me Your Success Story
Other Useful Info

A Word From The Author
Money is only one aspect of being rich.
There is more to being rich than simply having money.
However, money is important.
Money can buy the things that only money can buy.
In my experience money opens doors that might otherwise be closed.
Money gets you into places you may not be able to get into without it.
Money makes it easier to make more money.
Money makes it easier to make more deals.
Money makes it easier to help others in your life.
Some people think that you have to work hard for money.
Others say make your money work hard for you.
I say, don’t focus on the hard work.
Focus on what you want. Focus on the money.
Use you’re your thoughts, words, and actions
to attract money to you.


I start all of my books off with Bonus Excerpts from “The Little Guys Way To Riches.” You will need to always read this before starting on the core material because without the right mindset, all the knowledge in the world will not help you to get rich, be happy, or do anything else worthwhile.

This may seem repetitive, but believe me it is worth knowing and it is offered as a bonus to you. For more info

Let’s Get Started
Bonus Excerpts from “The Little Guys Way To Riches”

* In most cases below you can substitute the word money for any other riches that you desire.
Money isn’t everything. But it is important.

A lot of things are more important than money. But sometimes it is hard to enjoy these things without money. And lots of it.
I have tried almost everything to make money. You probably have too.

I have worked as hard as a dog. Labored long hours. And, after all this hard work, I discovered that the easiest way to make money is not with my hands. It is with my mind.

In fact, I have a friend that has only two fingers on one hand and the other hand missing and he is richer than most people. The luckiest day of my life was when I discovered that I can make my own luck with my mind. For me this has been like a “Magic Pill.”

This one concept has changed the way I see the world. It has increased my excitement about “working” and even “working hard” when I need to in order to get what I desire. It has brought me more riches than I could have ever received without it. And the great part is that it will work for anybody no matter his or her education, age, income level or other status.

You see thoughts turn into words, and words turn into actions. Actions and thoughts go out into the world and cause a chain reaction. These can be either positive or negative, depending on how they are created. And most actions don’t involve hard work. In fact, just thinking is an action in itself. And thinking usually leads to even more thoughts and more action and more universal chain reactions.

The good part is your thoughts and actions can lead to others people’s actions.

These sequences of thoughts, words, and actions lead to attraction.

Your mind is the most powerful money making machines that you are not using to your full advantage. To use your brain to its fullest involves the use of NLA.

NLA stands for Neuro-Linguistic Attraction. It was developed Michael Von Irvin when he was working with thousands of sick people. After working with literally thousands of patients he noticed that often the patient’s mental thoughts or beliefs played an important role in their recovery. Many patients who truly believed they were going to get well, even against enormous odds, were able to beat those odds and get well.

He even used this same technique when he was accidently hit and crushed by a car. Literally all his bones were crushed. He ended up in the Intensive Care Unit, blind with tubes coming out of every part of his body. He even heard the staff in the operating say, “he is not going to make it.” But he did make it. He survived and went on to enjoy a very happy life and help others through being a nurse, a writer, a speaker, a successful international business man, and through teaching about his experience.

As he states it, “the mind is the most important tool you have. People often let their self-image or what they see in the mirror over rule their minds. But the two are really separate but connected entities. You have to use your mind effectively if you want to achieve any real success or over-come real obstacles in life.”

It’s time to start using your most important asset to its fullest. I am about to reveal to you how to do just that.

This book is dedicated to three categories of the “little guys” (men and women) who seek riches.
1. Dreamers
2. Doers who are doing the wrong things.
3. So called, “Failures”

But you have to promise me that you will not use these powers and what you are about to learn in any illegal, vicious, mean, dirty, or otherwise underhanded way. What I am going to teach you is powerful. But I want you to say it out loud now. Say that you will only use what you learn from this book and my courses to bring about, create, and attract real riches without causing harm to others. In fact, you are here on Earth to do good not harm. Having riches can help you to do go.
A Guide To Minimum Resistance Marketing
By: M. Forbes Irvine MBA
Michael Von Irvin MBA
Lucky Powers
The Little Guys Way To Riches
The Real Meaning of Riches

There is more to life than money, but money is very important. The meaning of real riches is to have to all the money that you need to do the things that require money.
But you need to learn to enjoy your life. That means enjoying everything about life, no matter your current financial status.
Your Mind, Not Your Body Is the Real Way To Riches

If you work like a dog for the rest of your life you will not make nearly as much money or get a rich as people who learn to use their brains to make money. Don’t believe me. Just think about the people who have use their brains instead of their hands and back to make money. People like Steve Jobs, Trump, Buffet, and Gates.

That does not mean that you don’t have to use your hands or back or work hard sometimes. But people who concentrate on just working hard and hard work find exactly what they are looking for. More hard work.

Breaking Free Of The Constraints That Are Blocking Your Path To Riches and Success

What is really holding you back from having the riches that you deserve? If it others or is it you?

If you are not receiving the success that you desire it is because you haven’t made a clear decision to achieve success and riches. You have to have the right mind set in order to receive riches. That mind set involves ignoring all negative talk even when you talk to yourself.

This does not mean that you should blindly do things. Or that you should continue down the same road of mistakes when you make a mistake. Positive people realize their mistakes and adjust their actions to achieve success. But they do not let past mistakes hold them back.
How to Attract Riches Through The Use of Neuro Linguistic Attraction

It has been said that you become what think about most of the time. In fact, you don’t become what you think about most of the time. You attract what you think about most of the time.

NLA involves the knowledge that your thoughts become words, your words may or may not become actions, but they do become what you attract.


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