11 Habits To Be The Greatest At Anything

11 Habits To Be The Greatest At Anything.
The Greatest Marketer In The World

1 – Forget The Bad Past – Remember The Good Past

2 – Treat Everybody Like A Million Dollar Customer

3 – Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams – Persistence Is The Key

4 – Be Your Own Superhero – You Are Unique

5 – Give It All You’ve Got Everyday – Be Bold, Brave, and Productive

6 – Be Positive – Don’t Give In To Negativity of Other or Yourself

7 – Smile and Laugh As Often As You Breath – Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

8 – Increase Your Value Daily – Sand Becomes Silicon Becomes Computers

9 – Start Now, Not Tomorrow – One Step Today Is Worth A Mile Tomorrow

10 – Delegate Everything Except What You Are Passionate About

11 – Take Massive Action – Read, Study, Watch, Learn, Do, Listen, Repeat


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