How To Use Creativity In Advertising in 60 Seconds


I am sitting in Trump Towers right this minute having a cup of coffee at Starbucks. The building is located right next to Tiffany & Co. at 725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022

I like being at places like this, not as a fan, but to study how people like Trump and companies like Starbucks and Tiffany’s and other companies have made marketing really pay off. Specifically today, I interested in how they use creativity to enhance their brand.

Effective Use Of Creativity

The photo of a Chewbacca like figure used by L’Oreal in its recent advertisement is an example of how to make marketing and advertising pay off big time. Even though the L’Oreal ad doesn’t have a call to action, we all get the point. Use L’Oreal and your hair will be flowing, shiny, strong, and long. At least that is what I get out of the ad.

And of course, L’Oreal is a household name with very established brand recognition. This ad makes it look easy. So, why are so many other brands complicating things? Many brands run long television commercials, print ads, and radio ads and try to carry out a complete skit before telling you the name of the company or product. And in many cases there is no real relation to the skit and the product or brand being offered.

What The Heck Are Some Ads Selling?

Here is a challenge for you. Every time you see a television commercial about to start, ask yourself what the name of the brand or product is that they are trying to sell. Most of the time you will find that you have watched an ad ten or more times and can’t remember what is being advertised. There are a lot of reasons for this including the fact that we are inundated on a daily basis with literally hundreds of ads for hundreds of products and services. In fact, there are so many ads that our brain has to zone many of them out in order for us to remain sane. However, the main reason for you and me not remembering the name of the product is that the ad agency is spending too much time on trying to be creative and not on actually getting the right message across.

Fifth Avenue Type Advertising Failures

This phenomenon is nothing new. Fifth Avenue type advertising agencies have been botching this up for decades. As a contrast watch or listen to an ad for Geico Insurance. You will hear that “Geico has been saving people money for over 75 years” and “You could save even more money….with Geico.” Big insurance companies do not take a chance on hoping that the costumer can somehow guess what the companies are selling. They repeatedly emphasize the brand name, tell you what they are selling, and give you a call for action. These are great ads.

Of course, you might be saying, well Geico has a big budget and an internationally recognized brand name and your company does not have this. Well, that may be true, but you have to deal with the truth in your own advertising planning and budgeting. And your company can still use solid advertising and marketing principals developed by advertising giants like Claude Hopkins, to sell your goods and services.

Focus On Sells, Not Creativity Even In Creative Ads

For the most part, this boils down to staying away from over creative Fifth Avenue type ads that are awarded more on creativity than results. Creativity is not bad if done correctly. But remember the goal is to sell your products or services…not to be creative unless it helps achieve more sells.

You should focus instead on the three most important parts of advertising and marketing. That is, focus on your target market, your main message, and the media used to deliver the message. Tell potential customers or clients what you are selling and what immediate steps they should take next. That is how you can make your marketing pay off big time.

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