Miss Colombia Gano Miss Universo (Written En Spanglish)

In Spanglish –

I love Colombia.

However, basically, Colombia is known world-wide for Coffee, Drugs, and Beautiful Women. Yo se que mucha gente va estar molesto sobre mi comentario. Pero yo conconzo Colombia y se que tiene mucho mas para ofrecer al mundo.

Sin duda, Colombia debiera ser orgulloso de su Coffee y sus mujeres bonitas pero eso no es el unico que Colombia tiene. Por ejemplo, Colombia tiene un sistema de education superior que la mayoria de los paises Latino Americano. Tiene petroleo, tiene agricultura espectacular, y mucho mas. Ademas es un pais muy lindo.

El problema de Colombia es la falta de marketing. Colombia necesita una campana de marketing con el intento de cambiar los pensamientos y los opiniones del mundo sobre lo que Colombia tiene que ofrecer al mundo y el valor de Colombia en el mundo.

Yo amo a Colombia. Hay que usar The World Stage que el pais tiene en este momento para mostrar que Colombia es el destino seguro para llevar una familia para vacaciones.

Cuando Colombia pueda hacer eso, Colombia ya habria ganado La Corona del Miss Universo si mismo.

– En Ingles

I love Colombia.

However, basically, Colombia is known world-wide for Coffee, Drugs, and Beautiful Women. I know that many people will be upset over what I am going to say. But I know Colombia very well and Colombia has a lot more to offer to the world.

Without a doubt Colombia should be proud of its coffee and beautiful women, but these are the only things that Colombia has. For example, Colombia has a system of education that is better than most of the other countries in Latin America. Colombia has lots of great oil, great agriculture, and much more. And besides it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The problem is that Colombia should be marketing these good attributes more. Colombia needs a non-stop campaign of marketing with the intention of changing the minds and opinions of the world about what Colombia has to offer to the world and Colombia’s worth to the world.

I love Colombia. Colombia needs to use “The World Stage” that the country has been given in this moment to show that Colombia is a safe place for families to take vacations.

When Colombia, the country can do this. This beautiful country will have truly won the Miss Universe crown.


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