2017 – Your Best Year Ever! Here’s How

Make 2017 Great! Start Now. 2017 Could Be Your Best Year Ever

I live between my two homes, my apartment in New York City and the green mountains of Birmingham, Alabama.

In New York City the air is not so clean and the noise pollution is even worse. At my home in the mountains of Birmingham – a gated community that is quiet and boring just the way we like it – most of the lights go out by 8 pm.

I wouldn’t try to change anything about these two locations, but I can always change myself.

I have learned a lot from living in both locations.

In the south, you learn to plant your seeds in April or May in order to have a great harvest in the summer. You learn to plant other seeds like peanuts and some other crops a little later so that the sun doesn’t damage the plants and you will have a great harvest before the end of the year.

Plant Your Seeds Early

That is exactly how you can make a the next year the greatest year ever. You can’t wait until the new year is upon you to plant your seeds.

The same goes for new years resolutions. You have a pen right? You have paper right? A computer? Make your New Years Resolutions Right Now. Start this very moment. Right down at least one goal. Then write down at least one action you will take.

You see, you can’t plant seeds if you don’t know what you want to grow. You can’t hit a target you can’t see. Know what you want. Write it down. Plan ahead and you will be much more likely to achieve it.

Start planting the seeds for a real celebration on January 1, 2017. Wouldn’t it be something to celebrate if you achieved at least one of your goals before then? Can’t you imagine yourself having the party of your life…not because it is a new year, but because you are a new version of you. You have achieved at least one of your goals.

Do yourself a favor…Plant Those Seeds Now.

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I am determined to make 2017 the best year ever, not only for myself, but for those who I know and come in contact with. I truly believe this is possible no matter what current circumstances you find yourself in.

How do you make 2017 your best year ever. First, of all you have to put your life into perspective. You have to understand that it doesn’t matter what is currently going on in your life, you can achieve phenomenal success from your current starting point. I call this synchronized success. (Currently working on a book with the title)

To Get More, Give More – Does this mean that you are going to make more money this year than ever before? Find the love of your life (if you are single), or win the lottery? Lose that last 20 pounds you want to take off? Maybe!

Planting Seeds – Having the best year ever involves doing a little more than you did the day before…every day. Planting the seeds. Taking care of the young seedlings. Tending to and caring for what is important to you. Little improvements add up. In fact, little improvements can become exponential improvements and even result radical changes for the better.

Little Improvements Daily Add Up – With little improvements daily, you can be a much much better version of yourself. And it is likely that you will improve so much that your preparation will meet with unexpected opportunities. However, without these little improvements, it doubtful that you will really meet with great opportunities or great success.

That is just the way the Laws of the Universe work.

Ask the Universe for whatever you reasonably want and you can have it (you probably can’t become President of The United States unless you have been preparing for this a long time). But the Universe expects you to do your part.

Take action. Don’t wait.

One way to take truly meaningful action with lasting success implications is to keep track in your Daily Journal of what you have accomplished and to make a contest out of achieving a little more everyday. I will explain how I do this in another post.

In any case, I believe that if you try and make a focused and concentrated effort toward achieving your goals, 2017 Will Be Your Best Year Ever.

As always, I welcome your comments and thoughts. I especially like success stories.

All The Best For You.

Yours Truly,


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