Write Your Book – How To Pick The Title

The real truth is that choosing a name for your book can be as difficult as writing the book. Of course, anybody can come up with a quick list of creative potential book titles, but is the title marketable?

Finding A Name For Your Book Is Easy If You Know This Simple Technique…..

In a world filled with literally millions of book titles, how can you set your book apart? Big name writers have not only their own name and past works to draw more readers, some also have large marketing firms that create advertising campaigns to sell their books.

“It is easy to dream up a new, creative name for your book. The difficult part is finding a name that will cause readers to find your book in the crowd and actually buy it.”

Michael Von Irvin

“Copywriting Secrets Blackbook” – Final Name Of One Of My Very Short Books

Here is how you can find the best name for your book very quickly without having an expensive Fifth Avenue Advertising agency on your side.

1. Creative Process -Think of several names that match the content of your book. Which of these names do think is most appropriate for the book?

Whatever name you choose, chances are there is a better name for your book.

2. Marketing Name Process – Look at your list of potential names for your book. Which of these names says – “Buy Me” or “You Have To Look Inside”

– Hint you need to learn about how headlines are chosen in the copywriting process and apply these same techniques when choosing a name for your book.

3. Computer Thinking Process – Okay, things have changed. We now live in a very computerized world. Instead of wandering around book stores (which I still love to do) people can simply type in a subject, click the search button, and get a list of thousands of potential books to read. So, you have to think like a computer in order for your book to be found by a computer program.

This is similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I explain how this works in my books on the subject of internet marketing such as “Internet Marketing In 24 Hours.”

4. Give Copies Of Your Book Away For Free – Choose the name for your book that you believe is best by using the steps above, then place your book on Amazon Books as an eBook for sale. Enroll the eBook in KDP publishing, choose a price for your book and wait for the book to be approved for sale by Amazon. This usually takes up to 12 hours.

After your book has been approved for sale on Amazon books, go back and choose the Manage Benefits option for your eBook. There you will find an option to give the book away for up to 5 days.

5. Test, Test, Test – Check very closely how quickly your book is selling for free.

“If readers will not choose and read your book when you are giving it away, they definitely will not pay to read it.

Michael Von Irvin

I usually change my book titles a few times during the period of time that I am giving copies away for free. I change the name of the book until I see a very high number of readers downloading a free copy of my eBook.

“I usually give away copies of all of my new eBooks for the first five days after publishing them. By doing this, I can find out if the title of the book is bad, good, or great.”

By following the steps above and learning more about copywriting and SEO you will increase your odds of selling your book. Remember: Small changes in the name of your book can make a big difference in whether a few people read it or whether thousands, even millions of people read it.

Often this as simple as changing one or two words in the title.

What do you think?

I am interested in what you think. How do you as a reader choose to read a book even if you have never heard of the author or the title of the book before?

If you are a writer, how do you choose a name for your books?


My Book Copywriting Overnight went through several titles before I chose the best name for it.

How do you determine which books you read? Do you think the title of the book is important?

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