The Moral of The Story Is…

Once upon a time in Alaska there lived an elderly lady, her husband, and her son. They lived in the deep frozen forests of Alaska. It was a cold and hard life, but they got by.

The husband was a lumberjack and owned the finest ax in Alaska. He would go out each day and cut down trees, cut them into 8 foot lengths, roll them onto an sled, then take them to town to sell using the sled pulled by oxen. He and his wife owned a thousand acres of land.

The man worked hard everyday, six days a week cutting trees with his fine ax. He rested one day per week.


Can You Help Me Find The Moral Of The Story Below?

With his ax, the best ax in Alaska, he could cut down trees much quicker than anybody else. He had the ax made by the best blacksmith in Alaska.

However, since the ax was so expensive to make and purchase, the man only could afford one ax. His opinion was that he should only buy the finest tools. He wouldn’t settle for less.

His wife took care of the home, cooking, sewing, etc. as this was the custom at the time.

The son would help around the house, but spent most of his time studying to be a doctor. His father didn’t want the son to learn to cut wood for fear that he might someday become a lumberjack also. And since his father had only enough money to purchase the one and only finest ax in Alaska, there was not much possibility that the son was going to become a lumberjack anyway.

A Change Of Events

One day when the lumberjack was cutting trees down something tragic happened, a tree fell on him and crushed his right leg. Unable to walk and bleeding, he was then attacked by a pack of wolves. He barely made it home alive.

After he partially recovered, his wife, knowing that he would never be able to fell trees again, decided that she would cut the trees down by herself. Her son insisted that he would become a lumberjack, but his mother would not hear of it. She told him to continue with his studies while she cut down trees.

The woman had no skills at cutting trees, but she did know a lot about organization and how to get things done quickly. But even with her time management skills, the Alaska winters were just too strong so the family continued to just barely get by.


Finally, somewhat frustrated with the situation, the woman sent a letter to place an advertisement in a distant newspaper. In the advertisement she wrote the following:

Help Wanted For Dangerous Work

Come to Alaska. The land of adventure. If you work for my family, cutting down trees, I will give you half of all the earnings for the trees that you cut down and sell. Warning the Alaska wilderness is very cold. Many people have come here and never made it out alive. There are packs of wolves that might eat you. You might freeze to death. You might lose body parts from frostbite. We may all die of starvation. If you come here expect to work hard or we all may perish.

PS Bring Your Own Ax

Within weeks of placing the ad there were hundreds of men and women from all over the world lined up waiting to be assigned a section of the land covered with huge trees. Each one had an ax, but none of them had an ax as nice and sharp as the ax owned by woman’s husband.

Within a year, a whole town developed. Soon, the son became the town doctor and the woman and her husband became very wealthy.

РWritten by: Michael Von Irvin

What do you think? What is the moral of the story?

Of course the answer is that the moral of the story depends on your point of view.

Here are some ideas to think about, but everyone will have their own opinion.

  • We should only invest in the best tools?
  • We should care less about quality and more about quantity?
  • Enlist help from experts in the field?
  • Study is important, but so is hard work?
  • By sharing what you have your wealth multiplies?
  • Never rely only on one source for you income?
  • Make sure that your advertisement attracts the exact person that you want it to attract?
  • Be honest in your ads?

What do you think? What is the moral of the story?


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