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Get Them To Pay Attention In 60 Seconds

The truth is most people purchase and do business with people they like and trust.

However, when trying to appeal to a potential customer or to make a sale, it is a well known fact that we must first appeal to the customers emotions.

We can then justify the purchase with logic by using facts, figures, price etc.

Ultimately this allows us to persuade customers, a group, or an audience without manipulating them.

Michael Von Irvin

One way of doing this is by showing them how much you care. This can be expressed in your advertising campaign, company policies, how you treat employees, how you treat customers, how you talk about your competition, in your customer service, and by using stories.

What do you think?

Some people think that by showing emotions or feelings companies comes off a too corny or old fashioned. I think that showing how much you care is essential to doing business well and doing good business.

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Michael Von Irvin

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