Everybody Laughed When A Few People Said They Were Leaving Facebook, But What Happened After They Left? And What Can You Learn From It?

Will A Few People Leaving Facebook Make A Difference?

Everybody Laughed When A Few People Said They Were Leaving Facebook, But When They Left!…

The whole world was happily enjoying their daily social network posts and chats when a few people threatened to leave Facebook.

“Will they really leave Facebook?” a lady whispered. “Heavens no!” a man exclaimed. “Nobody would give up something like this that is free. Especially since we are not even obligated to open it or use it. And we could always just log out”

But they did leave Facebook and they should have seen the Facebook posts after they left. Unfortunately, they never will. Because……

They Will Be Missed Only For A Few Seconds

The reality is that when we are gone from social media nobody misses us. And they shouldn’t miss us. It is like when we go on vacation. We may think that everything is happening because we are there to see it, but in reality everything is just happening whether we are there are not.

The same goes for dropping out of college, quitting a job, or moving from one house to another, etc. Sure, we may be missed for a few seconds from time to time, but the social network world will keep moving whether we are there to witness it or not.

Simple Math

If Facebook has 1,000,000,000 users/subscribers and one subscriber deletes his profile how many Facebook subscribers would be left?

1,000,000,000 -1 = A Billion Facebook subscribers. That is real math and it is simple.

And if there is a real movement by a large group of Facebook users, let’s say 100 people, that leave Facebook and delete their profiles the math is similar.

1,000,000,000 -100 = A Billion Facebook subscribers.

The same goes for 1,000 people deleting their Facebook profiles. There are thousands of new Facebook subscribers every day. And there are actually close to 1.5 Billion Facebook subscribers.

Making Changes From Within

If there are real changes that need to be made by Facebook regarding user privacy and/or any other issues, it may be easier to make the changes by staying on Facebook and making posts suggesting the changes to be made.

That way the posts are hitting the real target audience and could possibly be shared with 1.5 Billion like-minded people.

Or as an alternative to deleting their profiles they could simply Log Out.

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