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24 Hours Without Complaining

We have all seen a whole lot of challenges lately.

And there is no doubt that many of these challenges are for a good cause.

I have a challenge for you….Go 24 Hours without complaining. That is the challenge.

This doesn’t mean that you will not be met with obstacles and problems.

Are You Up To The 24 Hours Without Complaining Challenge?

What it does mean is that you will have to look for solutions to the problems rather than just complaining.

Rules of the No Complaining Challenge

You will have to change your way of looking at problems.

In fact, for 24 hours, problems are no longer problems no matter how much stress you are under. Problems are opportunities, challenges, hurdles, obstacles that you can either go around, go over, go under, ignore, go through, solve, use as a wake up call, etc. What you cannot do is exaggerate the problem.

You can ignore the problem if and only if ignoring it is a good option. Do not ignore problems just to get through the 24 hours without complaining.

In fact, the main rule of the 24 Hours Without Complaining Challenge is that you have to take massive action to face your challenges head-on. No matter how bad things get during the 24 hours, you cannot complain.


You will find that at the end of the day (24 Hours), you will have learned how to refocus your efforts on the biggest challenge facing us all which is staying positive and focused on achieving our real goals and outcomes.

Are you up to the 24 Hours Without Complaining Challenge?

What do you think? What rules can you think of to add to the challenge?


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